Homeless Man on the Street

A homeless man threatened a sheriff’s deputy with media attention after the officer ordered him to stop soliciting for work at Market View Parkway in Evans.

A Columbia County deputy was called last Tuesday afternoon to a complaint about someone soliciting. The officer found Stanley Brown speaking with the drivers of two vehicles who had stopped in the roadway. One driver was giving the man money and the other was offering him a job, a sheriff’s report says.

The officer found out Brown and his wife Kimberly Cooper along with their two small children were homeless. Brown showed the officer a sign he had been holding, which said “my family is homeless will work for food.” The deputy advised Brown that he could not continue to stand on the side of the roadway and solicit for employment.

The deputy asked the couple for their IDs, which led the man to request the deputy’s name and badge number.

“Brown then stated I should expect a call from the news and also from the NAACP,” the sheriff’s report says. “Brown said he was a member of several NAACP organizations and that someone would be giving me a call.”