Daizah Patterson

An employee of Top Crab Seafood & Bar was arrested last Friday for using a customer’s card to buy herself food from the Augusta restaurant.

   Here’s what 22-year-old Daizah Patterson allegedly bought with the customer’s Discover card:

  • TopCrab Special for $5.79 on Jan. 24.
  • Chicken wings and shrimp for $17.38 on Jan. 24
  • TopCrab Special for $13.33 on Feb. 1
  • An unknown item at TopCrab for $19.33 on Feb. 2.
  • Shrimp andcrab legs for $19.33 on Feb. 2
  • Long Island iced tea for $8.39 on Feb. 2.
  • Another unknown item from TopCrab for $8.39 on Feb. 2.

   The customer accidentally left the card Jan. 19 at the restaurant, located at 1347 Augusta West Parkway. A few weeks later, Discover notified her that she was over her limit.

   The restaurant’s general manager researched the sales receipts and found out that Patterson had used the customer’s card. Patterson, of Grovetown, was charged last Friday (March 13) with five counts of credit card fraud.

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