Mallory Millender Jr., 48, of Augusta, Sexual battery

An Uber driver from Hephzibah was arrested Saturday for allegedly sexually assaulting a female passenger who was drunk and trying to get home safely, authorities said.

Instead, suspect Mallory Millender allegedly pulled over after picking up the woman from the Ramada Inn on Broad Street around 2 a.m. Saturday. He assisted the 30-year-old woman to the front seat.

During the drive, Millender suddenly pulled to the side of the Family Dollar store on Deans Bridge Road and groped his female passenger, a sheriff’s report says. He suggested that he wanted to have anal sex with her and he wanted her to touch him.

As the driver penetrated his passenger with his fingers, she pleaded with him to stop and said she just wanted to get home safely, a report says. She threatened to call the cops, but he still didn’t stop, continuing to suggest sexual acts. He said it would be their secret and no one would have to know.

At some point, Millender began to drive again and and continued touching her. When they arrived to her home, the driver helped her out and kept suggesting he come inside to have sex. She told him she was calling law enforcement, leading him to get back in his car and leave, the report says.

Millender, 48, of Brown Road, Hephzibah, was identified through the woman’s receipt from the Uber application on her phone, the report says. He was later arrested and charged with sexual battery. He has already been released on bond.