Steven Whiteman, 26, of Augusta, Obstruction - felony

Steven Whiteman refused orders to step out of his car last month when deputies found him smoking marijuana outside an Augusta hotel, a sheriff’s report says.

When they dragged him out of his Ford Explorer and handcuffed him, Whiteman reportedly screamed, “You’re doing this because I am white!”

Hotel management at SureStay Plus on Washington Road had complained about his illegal activity in their parking lot. But Whiteman ignored a responding deputy’s attempt to talk. Instead, the suspect called someone on his cellphone, the report says.

Deputy Luis Rodriguez reached into the open front passenger window, and Deputy Leslie Gaiter unlocked the door. They wrestled the suspect out of the vehicle and onto the ground, where he allegedly elbowed Deputy Gaiter in the mouth.

Four officers were needed to handcuff Whiteman. While taking him to a patrol car, he made his claim of being arrested because he’s white.

Deputies recovered a burnt marijuana cigarette weighing approximately .02 grams. Whiteman, 26, of Augusta, was charged with felony obstruction and taken to jail.