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Sarah Blackwell

BLACKWELL, SARAH Inmate ID#: 3580 Home Address City: BURNETTOWNDrivers Lic State: SCBio:     Sex: F   Race: ...

  • Winston VanCoon

    Beebo, Beebo, Beebo – My little punk of flesh, born from Jenny and another father. I’ve dropped the title “little brother” from you, just like I’ve dropped “Momma” from Jenny, and “stepfather” from Lloyd. You’re a bunch of losers, and I’ll hold my tongue on what Jenny and Lloyd are.

    This is your best looking mugshot I’ve seen so far, out of the 3 I have in my collection. Dylan, you’re 23 years old, when are you going to stop acting like a fool. You keep getting arrested like this and, eventually, you’re going to cross the wrong judge, and spend many years of your life. Waisting away in a small prison cell, bunking with someone who thinks you’re mighty cute and, will make you squeal like a pig when the lights go out, during cold nights. I promise, he’ll have you straddled so tightly from behind, the more you wiggle, the more it’s going to hurt.

    Do yourself, community, and what’s left of your Family a favor. Pull yourself together, man! It’s sad to see my little brother turnout like this. But your Mom and Dad enabled you, coddled you, and never taught you respect. And they’ll keep doing it, and it will only be a matter of time before I collect my 4th mugshot of you. Prove me wrong, please, prove me wrong. Dylan.


    • disqus_F4HYJtEnvd

      Come on, Dylan. You can get it together. Winston seems to care about you in a bizarre, uncaring way. Be grateful.