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Michael Robinson

Full Name Robinson, Michael T Arrest Date 2/18/2019 Race White Sex Male Age 38 YEARS OLD   Charges Simple assault, criminal damage to property  

Javon Graham

GRAHAM, JAVONInmate ID#: 129340 Home Address City: AIKENDrivers Lic State: Bio:     Sex: M   Race: B   Build:     Height:...

Clint Padgett

PADGETT, CLINTInmate ID#: 801571 Home Address City: BATHDrivers Lic State: SCBio:     Sex: M   Race: W   Build:     Height:...

Destiny Janvier

JANVIER, DESTINYInmate ID#: 133633 Home Address City: WAGENERDrivers Lic State: Bio:     Sex: F   Race: B   Build:     Height:...

Jaibria Quattlebaum

QUATTLEBAUM, JAIBRIAInmate ID#: 134794 Home Address City: AIKENDrivers Lic State: Bio:     Sex: F   Race: B   Build:     Height:...

Peter Choe

CHOE, PETERInmate ID#: 134786 Home Address City: IRMODrivers Lic State: Bio:     Sex: M   Race: A   Build:     Height:...

Ruben Smith Iii

SMITH III, RUBENInmate ID#: 134782 Home Address City: WARRENVILLEDrivers Lic State: Bio:     Sex: M   Race: W   Build: ...

Shirleta Davis

Full Name Davis, Shirleta Vantreece Arrest Date 2/8/2019 Race Black Sex Female Age 46 YEARS OLD   Charges Cruelty to children - 3 degree x2, aggravated assault