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RCSO Catches Couple Who are Suspected of Shooting at Deputy

Authorities have charged a man and woman with shooting at a Richmond County deputy during a routine traffic stop. Rex Stewart Jr., 36, and Cyndi...

Aiken Man with Devil Horns Tattoo is Shown Hiding Them in...

An Aiken man with devil horns tattooed on his forehead was arrested Monday for at least the 20th time since he was a youth,...

Tyeshia Briggs

BRIGGS, TYESHIAInmate ID#: 134672 Home Address City: DETROITDrivers Lic State: Bio:     Sex: F   Race: B   Build:     Height:...

Deon Bell

BELL, DEONInmate ID#: 134673 Home Address City: DETROITDrivers Lic State: Bio:     Sex: M   Race: B   Build:     Height:...

Shelle Brown

Full Name BROWN, SHELLE Debreail Arrest Date 1/19/2019 Race Black Sex Female Age 28 YEARS OLD   Charges MDMA & marijuana possession  

Robert Williams

Full Name WILLIAMS, ROBERT LONNIE Arrest Date 1/19/2019 Race White Sex Male Age 33 YEARS OLD   Charges Meth & cocaine possession with intent to distribute, sale of marijuana - felony, firearm possession by felon, leaving...

Joshua James

Full Name James, Joshua Lewis Arrest Date 1/20/2019 Race Black Sex Male Age 20 YEARS OLD   No. Charge Bond Disposition     1 POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA-MISDEMEANOR $1,300.00     2 LEAVING SCENE OF AN ACCIDENT $600.00     3 FOLLOWING TOO CLOSELY $140.00  

Jonnell Dock

Full Name Dock, Jonnell Monquise Arrest Date 1/19/2019 Race Black Sex Male Age 27 YEARS OLD   Charges Marijuana possession, theft by receiving stolen property - felony, no child safety restraint, expired tag