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Stephanie Britton

BRITTON, STEPHANIEInmate ID#: 127482 Home Address City: WINDSORDrivers Lic State: Bio:     Sex: F   Race: W   Build:     Height:...

John Blocker

BLOCKER, JOHNInmate ID#: 131062 Home Address City: NORTH AUGUSTADrivers Lic State: Bio:     Sex: M   Race: W   Build: ...

Antonio Dwayne Griffin

Full Name Griffin, Antonio Dwayne Arrest Date 2/7/2019 Race Black Sex Male Age 35 YEARS OLD   No. Charge Bond Disposition     1 POSSESSION OF COCAINE WITH INTENT TO DISTRIBUTE     2 POSSESSION OF FIREARM BY CONVICTED FELONS $5,700.00     3 POSSESSION OF FIREARM OR KNIFE DURING CRIM $7,900.00     4 THEFT...

Alberto Gutierrez Iii

GUTIERREZ III, ALBERTOInmate ID#: 131954 Home Address City: COLUMBIADrivers Lic State: Bio:     Sex: M   Race: B   Build: ...

Michael Crawford

Full Name Crawford, Michael Dewitte Arrest Date 2/5/2019 Race White Sex Male Age 57 YEARS OLD   Charges Meth trafficking, controlled substance possession with intent to distribute, cocaine possession, firearm possession during crime x2  

Acquanetta Smith

Full Name Smith, Acquanetta Sharon Arrest Date 2/5/2019 Race Black Sex Female Age 51 YEARS OLD   Charges Cocaine possession, possession & use of drug related objects, magistrate's court warrant  

Antroy Martin

MARTIN, ANTROYInmate ID#: 131587 Home Address City: AUGUSTADrivers Lic State: Bio:     Sex: M   Race: B   Build:     Height:...

Nicole Wicker

WICKER, NICOLEInmate ID#: 915911 Home Address City: GLOVERVILLEDrivers Lic State: SCBio:     Sex: F   Race: W   Build:     Height:...