A registered sex offender with a foot fetish has been arrested again for harassing a North Augusta mother and her 4-year-old daughter outside a local restaurant, authorities said.

   Joey Leaphart, 50, of North Augusta, was charged Thursday with disturbing or interfering with adults or children.

   A 30-year-old woman says Leaphart was taking pictures of her and her 4-year-old daughter after leaving the Monterrey Mexican restaurant on East Martintown Road.

   “He had his phone in his hand and said something to them,” a NADPS report says. “The two ignored Leaphart and continued walking through the parking lot to get to their vehicle.”

   After being ignored, Leaphart started running after them while yelling, “I just want to take pictures.” He continued to follow them to their vehicle and even followed them on foot once they left, a report says.

   Officers tracked the suspect down at Wendy’s restaurant and arrested him. He denied the woman’s claims, saying he was walking down the road and did not take any pictures of children. The officer seized his phone, a report says.

   In 2014, an Aiken County judge ordered the toe-sucking sex offender to spend a year in prison for failing to properly register. Aiken County Summary Judge Tracey Carroll ordered a sentence of 366 days.

   Leaphart had been seen across the CSRA, asking women to kiss their feet so he can get down and actually suck their toes, according to previous police reports.

   In a 2013 interview with WRDW-TV, he confessed to loving feet and said he didn’t mean any harm.

   “I am going to like feet until I die,” he said.

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