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Cops: Aiken Man Accused of Sex Crimes on Three Children

WierAn Aiken man is accused of sexually assaulting three children at his home and showing video porn to one of them, according to public safety officials.

Michael James Wier, 28, of Wyman Street was charged Friday with six counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor and a single count of disseminating harmful material to a minor.

Police became aware of the alleged crime when investigators from Fort Gordon called Aiken authorities and said children in the home had disclosed sexual abuse by Wier. All victims were girls and were under the age of 11.

Wire remains in the Aiken County Detention Center.




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  • BlackJackShellac

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    • Bill Garr

      Awe BJS we can’t deprive Bubba now ,he needs love too ! ! ! O.K. hows ’bout his cuz Charlie how that be ? ? ?

  • Kimberly Johnson

    I think ALL PEDOPHILE’S should just be taken out to the country, torture for a few days, then kill them. They will not ever get rehabilitated, they don’t want to. Sick as hell and shouldn’t waste tax payers money to put them in jail.

  • Bill Garr

    Sick , just sick , Put him in a 55 gal barrel and seal it up tightly stick a garden hose in it a start up the car ,all’s said ! ! !