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Inmate ID#: 133112
Home Address City: NORTH AUGUSTA
Drivers Lic State:

    Sex: M   Race: W   Build:
    Height: 5-10  Weight: 160
    Hair: BRO   Eyes: XXX
Agency Arrest Date Released
NADPS 03-07-2018
Weekender: NO
    Charge: 16-017-0530 A DISORD CONDUCT/GROSS INTOX
       Case #:        Disposition: Open
    Charge: 16-009-0320 A RESISTING ARREST
       Case #:        Disposition: Open
    Charge: 16-017-0530 A PUBLIC DRUNK
       Case #:        Disposition: Open
    Charge: 16-009-0320 A DERIDING POLICE OFFICER
       Case #:        Disposition: Open

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  • disqus_F4HYJtEnvd

    You derided a police officer? You laughed at or insulted him/her contemptuously? did you hurt the officer’s feelings? lol Well then you should def get jailed for the common good.

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