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Richmond County

Brandon Brinson

Brandon Brinson, 31, of Augusta, Marijuana possession with intent to distribute, cocaine possession

Full Name Brinson, Brandon Kalone Arrest Date 8/30/2016 Race Black Sex Male Age 31 YEARS OLD No. Charge – MARIJUANA POSSESSION WITH INTENT TO DISTRIBUTE, COCAINE POSSESSION Bond Disposition

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Anne Lester

Anne Lester, 50, of Augusta, Attempt to commit controlled substance violation

Full Name Lester, Anne Mueller Arrest Date 8/30/2016 Race White Sex Female Age 50 YEARS OLD No. Charge – ATTEMPT TO COMMIT CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE VIOLATION Bond Disposition

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Tyeshia Hutchins, 38, of Augusta, Criminal trespass, entering auto to commit felony

Full Name HUTCHINS, TYESHIATyeshia Jann Arrest Date 2/12/2015 Race Black Sex Female Age 36 YEARS OLD No. Charge Bond 1 DISORDERLY CONDUCT – CRIMINAL TRESPASS, ENTERING AUTO TO COMMIT FELONY $425.00

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Tiffany Phillips

Tiffany Phillips, 37, of Augusta, Magistrate's court warrant

Full Name Phillips, Tiffany Poplin Arrest Date 8/29/2016 Race White Sex Female Age 37 YEARS OLD No. Charge Bond Disposition 1 MAGISTRATE’S COURT WARRANT $486.84

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Shane Yatar

Shane Yatar, 27, of Bethlehem, Disorderly conduct

Full Name Yatar, Shane Louis Quichocho Arrest Date 8/29/2016 Race Asian/Pacific Islander Sex Male Age 27 YEARS OLD No. Charge Bond Disposition 1 DISORDERLY CONDUCT $285.00

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Sabrina Voychuk

Sabrina Voychuk, 22, of North Augusta, State court bench warrant

Full Name Voychuk, Sabrina Arrest Date 8/29/2016 Race American Indian/Alaskan Native Sex Female Age 22 YEARS OLD No. Charge Bond Disposition 1 STATE COURT BENCH WARRANT $320.00

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