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4 Richmond County Deputies Arrested for Smuggling in Contraband; Sweep Turns Up Drugs, Phones & Shanks


Four Richmond County deputies have been arrested in a massive investigation at the Charles B. Webster Detention Center showed they were smuggling in contraband for inmates. As a result of the investigation, four deputies have been arrested: Jaquan T. German (Date of Hire: May 15, 2021) – Charged with Violation of Oath by Public Officer and Unlawful Street Gang Activity.
JaQuan German
Hunter L. Piper (Date of Hire: June 1, 2019) – Charged with Violation of Oath by Public Officer.
Hunter Piper
Gabriella O. Anthony (Date of Hire: August 7. 2021) – Charged with Violation of Oath by Public Officer.
Gabriella Anthony
Jackie J. Campbell (Date of Hire: April 20, 2019) – Charged with Violation of Oath by Public Officer.
Jackie Camppbell
German, Piper, Anthony and Campbell have been booked and committed to the jail on the listed charges, all felonies. All four deputies were fired Wednesday from the Sheriff’s Office. On Saturday, sheriff’s investigators got a tip that employees assigned to the detention center were providing jail inmates with contraband. The sheriff’s office “immediately initiated a criminal and internal investigation into the allegations,” a press release says. In addition, Sheriff’s Office personnel conducted an extensive sweep of all housing pods in the jail. That operation yielded contraband in the form of multiple homemade weapons (shanks), cell phones, tobacco products, homemade alcohol, pills and synthetic drugs. Multiple inmates are facing charges. “The Sheriff’s Office is saddened and disappointed by the conduct of its deputies, however we are committed to follow the rule of law even if it applies to our own,” the RCSO press release says. “This investigation has made the jail a safer facility for the deputies who work there as well as the inmates we are tasked to house. We hope that this swift and decisive action reassures the public of our commitment to hold ourselves to the highest standards.” Here is what the sweep turned up and the inmates facing charges. Team 2 Sweep of A, B, C Pods C- Pod – 1 – Felony-Weapons Charge (Shank) LUKE, Terrance Jamal 1 – Misd. – (Tobacco) JOHNSON, Willie James B- Pod- 1 – Felony- Weapons (Shank), SACKS, Cornelius Artez 1 – Felony Weapons (Shank) Anthony, Omar Lorenzo A -Pod- No severe violations Totals 6 – Shanks 1 – Quantity of loose tobacco 2 – Hand rolled cigarettes 28 – Pills Quantity of orange peels- positive for K2 1 – Container of buck G-POD 1 Felony Obstruction – Gunter, Marquie Bartholomew 1 Felony Weapon Charge (shank) Bland, Brandon 1 Felony Drug (K-2 or Synthetic Cannabinoid) Stokes, Joshua Kareem 1 Felony Weapon Charge (shank) Jackson, Jonquez Alonzo 1 Felony Weapon Charge (shank) Berrien, Dashawn Cortez and Mack, Carlos Danyale 2 Cellphones – Robinson, James Michael; Hill, Darrell; Lindsey, Lorenzo 1 Phone charger in empty cell and K-2 1 Misdemeanor (Tobacco) Miller, Jerrome Tyvone 1 Felony Weapon Charge (Club) and drugs (4 Olanzapine and 2 Divalproex pills) Hines, Aaron Jordan 1 Felony Weapon Charge (shank) Harris, Ronald Anthony 1 Felony Obstruction, pills and 1 Felony Weapon Charge (club) – Lockhart, Michael Anthony 1 Felony Weapon Charge (club) – Winns, Jason Dewayne 1 Felony Weapon Charge (club) – Crawford, Mark Neal 1 Felony Weapon Charge (shank) Bullock, Bryant Lawrence and McMath, Daminyona Harlan 1 Felony Weapon Charge (shank) Robinson, Timothy Bernard F POD 1 Felony Obstruction – Heath, Andre Devonta 1 Felony Weapon Charge (shank) and making alcohol from fermented fruit – Kimble, Day’Shon 1 Felony Obstruction and 1 Felony Drug (K-2 or Synthetic Cannabinoid) Jones, Davon Randy 1 Felony Weapon Charge (shank) Jones, Arquette 1 Misdemeanor (Tobacco) McCray, Christopher Carlos 1 Misdemeanor (Tobacco) Shores, Cyler Javiyon 1 Misdemeanor (Tobacco) Thomas, Gary Fitzgerald 1 Felony Drug and 1 misdemeanor (Tobacco and 3 pills) Hill, Dwight Everett 1 Prohibited article (tightly rolled-up paper that acts as a wick to start a fire) Mitchell, Michael Devonte 1 Felony Weapon Charge (shank) and 1 Misdemeanor (Tobacco) – Collier, Antonio Nigel 1 Felony Weapon Charge (shank) Fleming, Traveion DaMontae 1 Felony Obstruction – Butler, Anthony Kyle 1 Felony Drug (6 pills) Naji, Issac Ali 1 Felony Weapon Charge (2 shanks) Bradley, Jalen 1 Felony Weapon Charge (shank) Bussey, Quindarius Team 1 Totals for G and F Pods: 17 – Weapons seized (13 shanks and 4 clubs) 5 – Felony Obstruction of a Law Enforcement Officer Cases 6 – Tobacco Cases 4 – K-2 or Synthetic Cannabinoid Cases 4 – Pill cases (16 total pills) 2 – Cellphones 1 – Phone charger  

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