An Evans woman opened up to her Alcoholic Anonymous sponsor and ended up in jail based partly on what she revealed about an underage party and sex romp at her home, according to authorities.

Rachel Lenhardt, 35, was charged Monday with two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor for allegedly providing marijuana and alcohol to minors at her home on Whitney Pass in Evans.

The sponsor told investigators that she was recently asked to help Lenhardt, so she asked her over for coffee on April 10 to talk about Lenhardt’s plans for sobriety and such.

Lenhardt informed her she was four days sober since April 6 when she lost custody of her five children ages 4, 6, 8, 10 and 16. Lenhardt told her that an emergency hearing was conducted this month when her kids were taken away from her due to an incident that occurred at her house.

According to a sheriff’s report, Lenhardt gave her sponsor this account of the party:

Her kids were with their father one night when her 16-year-old daughter texted her and asked if her and some friends could come over “to party.” Lenhardt replied “come on, let`s party.” Lenhardt allowed her teen daughter and her friends to smoke marijuana and drink her alcohol in her home. The group of minors and her played naked Twister in the living room.

Lenhardt had sex with an 18 year old in the bathroom while the others continued to play Twister. Lenhardt told her sponsor she was still “horny” afterward so she brought her sex toys out in the living room and began to use them on herself in front of the group.

The group and Lenhardt then got in her hot tub naked where the party continued. Lenhardt said she was asleep in her bed and woke up around 3:30 a.m. when she felt someone having sex with her. She thought it was the 18-year-old but realized it was her daughter’s 16-year-old boyfriend. The daughter later told her mother that she felt guilty because the boyfriend’s 10-inch penis was too large for her and he needed to have sex instead with the mother.

Lenhardt also told her sponsor that she had shown her daughter pornographic photos, including photos of her and her current boyfriend having sex.

The sponsor told investigators that Lenhardt has opened up about being a sexual deviant and porn addict.

Sheriff’s Capt. Steve Morris said this week’s arrest of Lenhardt is based partially on the account given to them by the AA sponsor. He said no sexual crime charges were being filed because 16 is the legal age of consent.


    • That jumped out to me as well. But all the 16 year old has to say is she, a 35 year old woman, got him intoxicated when she supplied them with weed and alcohol and thus who was really raping who? This argument wouldn’t work if he was 18 or older but even at the age of consent, 16, he is still a “kid” who was supplied with weed and alcohol by an adult woman well into her 30s. Prosecutors wouldn’t waste time with this. Jury members, even the one who believe he knew exactly what he was doing, would give him enough doubt to not convict. She isn’t credible enough to believe she just woke up after going to bed alone. She probably doesn’t remember she didn’t actually go to bed alone.

  1. A sponser told police this? Wow way to encour age a newly sober person of 4 days to open uo and face her problems. Totally against AA, she said her kids had already been taken away and shes trying to get sober. I agree she clearly needs the help….for real thats some crazy stuff. But i want to slap that sponser.

  2. If everyone is over the age of consent, why is this even a story, its a free world, no crimes have been committed, leave people alone, stop being judgemental, sure its messed up, but its also none of your business.As to there being minors,if16 is the age of consent, where are the minors?The only actual offense here is the use of cannabis, why is the main part of the article more concerned with the non offence of sex?Christian right clickbait!

  3. I thought a sponsor was you advocate. Someone you could rely on for help and guidance like a Dr. or Nurse, Lawyer. The sponsor is not one to help or trust. Go to a priest. He’ll get you the help you need. Not another drunk that has probably done worst.

    • The sponsor is supposed to be someone you can trust, and who will help you. The point of a sponsor is that they’re someone who has been through the program, who knows the temptations and difficulties, and knows how best to help. I won’t necessarily say that this person was a terrible sponsor, as she faced what was surely a difficult choice, but let’s just say I wouldn’t want her as my sponsor. Try being a little less judgmental – characterizing a sponsor as “another drunk that has probably done worse” (and really? PROBABLY done WORSE?) is incredibly disrespectful to people who put their time, money, and energy into helping other people recover from addiction and avoid relapsing.

  4. How dare Steve Morris release such information that is belittling to her daughter and is being used against her. What sick person published these disgusting and unnecessary details. And that sponsor should never be in AA again. What happened to anonymity?! She knows bad things are happening and that’s why she is getting help in AA and you turn her in?! You piece of crap

  5. Racel Lenhardt may have been doing these wild sex parties for a long time and just finally got caught. So having sex with very young adults and minors may have been a regular occurrence for her. Her lawyer had a statement saying she was raped by the 16 year-old and stopped the encounter short of completion. If the 16 year-old comes out and negates this, she’ll have been lying to make a bad situation look slightly better (but it would still be a bad situation).

  6. The Aristocrats!!!

    Seriously: 5 children?

    I hope the ex-husband has a good sense of humor and realizes his ex-wife is a filthy kook. If it were the husband who pulled this crap nobody would be making jokes. I can’t get past the sex toys in front if your teenage daughter / if true, truly disgusting.

  7. Shockingly poor grammar. The article should say, “The group of minors and SHE [not her] played naked Twister in the living room.” Let’s try to set a better example for young people who happen to read this story.

  8. Where’s her website/webcam/videos and if she doesn’t have one, does she need help putting one up to pay her legal bills? Just kidding. Seriously though… this is a real story?

    Why the f*ck did she incriminate herself to her sponsor? She may never trust a future one. And it sounds like everyone had a good time until that person told the police. I mean, those kids were going to drink, drug and sex it up with or without her, and if it’s true what her daughter said about her own boyfriend, well… that’s an interesting one.

    I can think of worse things parents could do and do. Age of consent isn’t 18 everywhere.

  9. Alcoholics Anonymous. Talking to your sponsor is supposed to be like confessing to a priest. This woman got no help and will be drinking again because the legal trouble. She will probably never recover her sobriety either because she will never trust the AA groups again.

  10. I just have to say a few things. First of all, she allegedly gave weed and alcohol to the minors. A large number of teens are a walking party just looking for a place to not get caught. Also this mother is innocent until proven guilty. Watch Making A Murderer on Netflix, it will show how bad we are at making people prove innocence and not making the state prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The last point is that she went to the person she thought would possibly be able to help her. By going to her sponsor she clearly felt some type of guilt for whatever may have happened at her home. Also, if the children were taken from her, where was the father? Wouldn’t he be wondering where his 16 year old daughter was at. I would guess that she probably wasn’t even supposed to see the kids until the hearing that determined visitation. Take the kids out of the equation and she sounds like she would be fun to party with. lol.