The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office has fired a detention-center sergeant after his arrest Sunday for pointing a gun at another person while off-duty.

Christopher Robert  Erikson, 38, surrendered to Aiken Public Safety Officers on Sunday morning on an arrest warrant for pointing and presenting, according to a sheriff’s release.

Erikson’s arrest stems from an Aiken Department of Public Safety investigation that began on January 10, Capt. Eric Abdullah said. ADPS officials say the off-duty sergeant was dressed in a hoodie when he allegedly pulled a gun on two women after a road-rage incident near Aiken Mall. He reportedly shouted, “Sheriff’s Office! Exit your vehicles!”

Sheriff Michael Hunt (right) promoted Christopher Erikson to the rank of Sergeant in April 2018. Pictured at left is Capt. Nick Gallam. (ACSO Facebook photo)

Erikson has been employed with the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office for five years, assigned to the Detention Division.  He was promoted to sergeant in April 2018.  Upon Erikson’s arrest, his employment was terminated.

“Accountability is one of the tenets for the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office”, said Sheriff Michael Hunt said in a press release. “It is inexcusable for any officer to tarnish the badge of this Office where it can have a lasting affect on the law enforcement community.”

Erikson was off duty at the time of this incident was reported and did not involve an agency issued weapon, Capt. Abdullah said.