An Aiken woman has been charged with assault after swatting another woman’s child for misbehaving in the waiting area of a local beauty shop, authorities said.

Mary Gregory, 56, of Aiken, Assault & batteryMary Gregory, 56, of Williams Drive SW, was arrested for swatting a little boy with a magazine inside the Aiken School of Cosmetology. She told police she struck the child on the buttocks for smearing an apple core on the window of the business.

The incident happened last Wednesday in the waiting room, where the child was playing while her mother was receiving cosmetology services, an Aiken report says.

“The child began crying and (his mother) left the beautician’s chair to check on her child,” a report says.

A witness told the mother that Gregory had struck the child with a magazine. Gregory confessed to swatting the child, saying she was trying to “discipline the child.”

“It takes a village to raise a child,” Gregory reportedly told the mother.

But several customers reportedly yelled at Gregory for hitting another woman’s child.

Someone called Aiken cops, and a responding officer reviewed surveillance video that showed Gregory swatting the child. The mother told police she wanted to pursue charges against the woman, and Gregory was arrested for assault & battery in the third degree.

What do you think? Should the mother have pressed charges? Comment below.

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      • I doubt that would ever happen in this ladies case because she UNDERSTANDS the concept of it taking a village to raise a child. Everyone looks out for those who are too young to be left to their own devices. This is a lady that cares enough to raise her child the right way. She pays attention to her child first and I am sure she has a firm grasp on the fact that if you must have a beauty appointment then you make arrangements ahead of time to get a sitter for your child, you don’t take them with you. I have been shopping with my child and she acted out inappropriately and a stranger stepped up and told her that screaming and throwing a fit was being a bad child and ask her to stop ! I was standing right there when it happened and I allowed it to go on because my child has to learn and understand that there WILL be other people who CAN and WILL discipline her during her lifetime. I didn’t raise a snow flake !

  1. Was DSS notified concerning the child’s mother’s negligence? How sad that the mother chose her hair over the child’s safety?? I wish the mothers name and face were posted right along with this woman’s picture. The stranger shouldn’t have touched the child with the magazine … but she was at least keeping an eye out for the child … which is more than the mother bothered to do 🙁

    • negligence, really an apple on a window is not a reason to have another person put their hands on my child but since they didn’t say how old the child was then maybe it was one of those things that smaller kids will do just cause its there they would’ve been two warrants taken out cause I don’t think I couldn’t not smacked her up side her head with that magazine. I don’t look good in orange jumpsuits.

    • First of all the mother and grandmother was there watching out for My Nephew!!!!! She was told by one of the employees there it was ok to leave them where they were at. They were Not and I repeat NOT being neglected!!!!! This lady was told earlier not to mess with my nephew he doesnt like strangers and she got mad after that. So before any of decide to pass judgment please find out all the facts!!!!! I don’t care who you are you don’t put your hands on anyone else children. If she was so concerned about what my nephew was doing why didn’t she go and tell my Sister!!!!! She had just had a discussion with her. My sister handled it well because anyone else would have beat her a $$ all over that building!!!!!! I guarantee she wouldn’t have hit my sister or another grown up like that! My nephew is only two. Show me a perfect two year old. It wasn’t like he was raising hell up in there rubbing his hand on a Window. So yes she was wrong for hitting my nephew and I tell you it BETTER NOT HAPPEN EVER AGAIN!!!!!

      • I agree with you about your nephew , two is a kid being a kid and if it bothered that lady so much I think she could’ve told your sister or walked her happy ass out and not go back. Never put your hands on another person’s children and she should be charged with assualt battery and child abuse cause if tables were turned that lady would press charges.

        • … Someday that kid WILL be in front of A JUDGE(S) and that helicopter mommy, won’t be buzzing around the Monster Child then. I have seen this so many times.
          To MUCH female energy buzzing around protecting this “HIGH chair tyrant”. This helicopter mommy should have thanked the beast with the magazine. This boy’s relatives, might as well get used to courtrooms…
          I am serious about this.
          Just wait and see. I hope a good Judge throws this out and quickly!

        • wrong, someone needed to do something, and a smack with a magazine is not abusive, obviously no one else, including grandma did a damn thing! Start when they are young, two is not to early to teach them.

          • bet your ass wouldn’t stand there so amused had it been your child. there’s right time for everything except you and your lying

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      • Show me a grandparent that thinks it’s okay for a child to smear anything on a window .Oh a 2 year old doesn’t like strangers so it’s okay for a child because he doesn’t like somebody is suppose to annoy them ? It’s a place of business ,not romper room . Why didn’t the grandmother correct her grandchild ? I hardly doubt the lady was being mean to the child . What part of this incident is being left out. If the grandmother was tending to the child ,why did the mother get out of the chair to go see about the child ? It’s not okay for a child to vandalize property . It’s not okay for a child to annoy other customers. It’s not okay for a child to run wild in grocery stores . It’s not okay for a child to play in restaurants . It’s not okay for a child to bother things that don’t belong to them . If the grandmother’s watching the child how is it the child smeared the window with an apple ? I’m willing to bet she swatted the child not smacked the hell out of the child . A place of business other than a zoo is not a place for that type of behavior. A zoo sounds fitting for that type of behavior . What about keep the child in check in public ?

        • I guess that’s why salons don’t let children under a certain age come in. It’s a lot to deal with children in some places. Most people would like to relax on those places. So I say this because whomever was watching this child should’ve made him sit his butt down. This is the time to discipline your children and teach them right from wrong. I guess if this was their place of business or home you wouldn’t want anyone destroying your things. That’s part of the problem in this world. Don’t won’t anyone saying or disciplining their children. It takes a village to raise a child. And then when they grow up doing the craziest things. That’s when you start saying you could have told me. Gtfoh with that. Its a difference between discipline a child and abusing a child. Get real people.

          • you are about as dumb as damn brick and there’s no way you are a parent, if so you are a distant, unattached one because if you think letting a stranger swat your child in any way then you really should’nt ever foresee motherhood in your future.First place I do agee with you that kids need some form of punishment for doing wrong and if not then they don’t learn growing up to disrespect other people and their property but some two year olds are already scared of strangers and then his own mom[YOU] would actually stand there and let this person hit your child,[the child who thinks you going to protect him and love him] just let this woman smack him.Lady you’re a special kind of stupid.One thing as being a parent is you take care kids when they can’t take care of themselves until they reach 18 in our state, but teach them well. That mother should’ve gotten her ass up and took care of her own responsibilities her child] instead of a selfish ass like you which means everything else she wants or does comes first before the child.

          • no, I would expect the person watching him to do a better job, or get a babysitter, I have 4, thats four grown children, and I would not have let them behave like this at home or in public, P.S. you should try hiding your face! Oh, and as far as being distant or selfish, how about the woman more concerned about getting her hair and nails done, and what was grandma so busy doing that she allowed this type of behaviour.

      • Your nephew may not have been neglected but he certainly was not watched. With two so-called grownups at the salon one should have watched your nephew. No, maybe it was wrong for a stranger to swat his terrible two rump, but it was also wrong to have this woman arrested. Shame on your sister, the grandmother and you, all three of you need your azzez beat.

      • The brat got what he deserved and mom & grandma are the reason hes a brat. they deserved a swat, for not being the ones doing the swatting. takes a village, my ass…all it takes is a damned decent and responsible parent doing his/her job. The fact that no one in the family understands this, is the reason the kid is an asshat in public . The lady with the magazine is a hero and mom & grandma should have been taking notes, not calling the cops.

      • People should watch their children better. The woman shouldn’t have hit your nephew but yall shouldn’t let him wonder around smearing food on anything. If mom and grandma cant watch the kid any better than that get a new babysitter or better yet they could have stayed home and babysat while the childs mother got her hair cut. I know the family probably thinks the child is sooo cute smearing apples all over the window but not everyone thinks that. Make your child mind and teach it right from wrong at an early age…

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  2. It’s the business’s fault for not having a daycare for the trophy wife. Glad nobody abducted or molested her kid while she was getting her toenails painted. What a b!tch.

    I grew up in a different time, where if you were at a friend’s house and got in trouble, their mom would spank you, then when you got home, your mom would spank you, then your dad. Somehow, i made it and didn’t turn out to be a spoiled, entitled $hit.

    • First of my sister is NOT a B!tch!!!! My nephew is not spoiled nor feel entitled to anything. He was being watched by his grandmother which this crazy lady didn’t know. I don’t know if you have children but if you feel it’s ok for a total stranger to hit your kid or kids I feel bad for them!!!

      • Funny that it was not evident that grandma was watching the child… That tells me that the child was not being told to stop making a mess. I have two boys and you can bet no one could beat me to the punch with taking action on something as disrespectful as smothering food all over business property. Manage your child…. No excuse! Swatting a kid on the bum with a magazine is discipline not assault!

      • Watching a child means exactly that, watching, paying attention to what the child is doing. There is not a person alive that doesn’t know it is wrong for a child to be rubbing an apple or apple sauce all over a window or anything else for that matter. If you must give your child snacks while in a public place, SET YOUR CHILD DOWN AND HAVE THEM STAY THERE UNTIL THEY FINISH THE SNACK, they can understand how to do that at 2. I worked in a day care with 2 yr olds and they know how to sit and eat. The problem is that children have no discipline, they are not taught how to behave in public. A child 1 yr or younger I could understand no having the full grasp of public behavior, but a 2 yr old does. It was neglect on your grandmothers part for not keeping her eyes on him. Not to mention that if she was able to watch him, he should have been watched at home that way none of this would have happened because a beauty salon is not a place for a toddler. Seems to me the only hurt or damage that was done was to the alleged parents/guardians pride because someone else had to step up and stop bad behavior !

      • Give it up, Tammi. The kid was being watched by another evidently as ignorant as you, since you see no shame in the matter. A smack on the butt with a magazine is the least that could have happened to the little public demon. Hairdos over toddlers. Shameful. Sounds like Nanna needed a sitter, too.

        oh don’t brutalize my high chair tyrant. A magazine was a great decision, you bunch of old biddies. Go back to your Quilting circle and quit Clucking and laying eggs…Some Judge, in the future, will explain all this to the boy and his “Helicopter mommie” buzzing around.
        Yep couple years in the DOC. will straighten him out.
        Sad, girls, but this is what’s real.
        67 and wise.

  3. What if the child was in physical danger? What if he was about to get his hand caught in the door or he was out in the parking lot? Should a stranger intervene then? I mean they would have to put hands on the child then. Or should one just let it go? Does the village idea kick in then? Just curious. I see nothing wrong with telling the child “no” and then telling his mom to come get him. Not sure why she swatted him.

    • What really should’ve happened when the window got smeared by the child was the Supervisor should’ve approached the mom, explained that children have to be watched at all times, then the mom should’ve went and got paper towels and cleaned window out of respect that it was someone else’s property, then explain how sorry she was and have a sitter next time and the shop needs to put up a sign saying:Children must be supervised at all times if not you will be asked to leave or No kids allowed under the age of ?? The lady that went jail could’ve went home and hit here meth pipe in the comfort of her own home with her grouchy ass, bet she didn’t smack one of those ladies in jail for anything cause they hit back lmao

      • So these parents are so good and observant that the store or salon has to put up a notice that a two year old should supervised at all times, that comes with being a parent but mommy was to busy with her hair or nails,

  4. If I was the judge, I’d sentence her to being swatted on the butt with the same magazine then send her on her way. It’s not like she punched the kid in the mouth. I don’t think there’s been a single case of anybody being physically hurt by a rolled up magazine since the dawn of the printing press.

  5. Do I think the lady should have put her hands on a strangers child? No. But I will say, since the grandmother was supposedly “watching the child” she needs a lesson on what that entails. Had I ever, even at 2, behaved like that in public, or private for that matter, I would have had my butt tore up out the frame by whatever adult was “watching” me. Not only is it embarrassing to have your child behave in that matter, but by not discipling him themselves, they’re inadvertently teaching him that what he did was acceptable, and it isn’t. If you allow those behaviors to continue, you are setting yourself up for a long road of a misbehaving child. It’s when a child is 2 that you teach them basic behavior and what is and isn’t acceptable, be it in private or public. That being said, she should have handled it with the “mother”( and I use this term loosely) not the child.

  6. A brat got smacked on the butt for acting like a lil sh¡t in public. Mom calls cops. Stupid relative on here battling for brat’s rights to be a brat. Yeah..he sure learned that he can do whatever he wants. Nice job ladies.

  7. Zakkary thrift from augusta ga was killed by gangstalkers this evening Masonic gangstalkers he was a lucid dreamer and woke….may God punish those who have shed innocent lives just because they know the truth. And it was disguised as a car accident…also Chaz Williams rest in peace he was killed by the Masonic gangstalkers as well also from augusta ga.

  8. I know I’m late but I just wanted to give my opinion. I think for me it would depend on how the lady actually executed the swat. I would’ve watched the footage and determined whether or not to involve law enforcement. Don’t get me wrong. I would’ve been upset with anyone else taking it upon themselves to touch my child but I also wouldnt have left my child unattended. In my opinion, she basically left her child in the care of the other customers if she wasn’t actually with him and watching him herself. With that being said, she should have had a discussion about her discipline preferences with those people before leaving her child in their care. How do you walk away and assume your child is ok bc there are strangers there to watch him and then come back and call the police on one of them for taking action when your child starts making a mess? Unless my child had been hurt, I would have just taken accountability for the fact that I made a mistake. The most I would have done is give the lady an attitude and kick myself in the ass for not watching my own child.