An Augusta day care worker has been charged with child cruelty after being caught on video striking a 3-year-old boy with a plastic object as well as yelling and violently grabbing him, a sheriff’s report says.

Geraldine Mills, 47, was an employee at the Windsor Spring Road location of “The Children’s Unique Christian Day Care” when the video captured the abuse, a report says.

After striking the boy, Mills yelled at him, grabbed him by the arm in a violent manner and forced him onto a toilet seat, according to a warrant.

“After forcing him onto the toilet seat, (Mills) shoved the victim inside the seat while fully clothed,” a warrant says.

A warrant says the abuse occurred in 2011. But it only recently came to the attention of social workers and the sheriff’s office when a woman accidentally picked up a day care worker’s phone and viewed the video. That video was later passed on to the sheriff’s office.

Other videos showed a young male being hit with a paddle and “children being physically and verbally abused by staff members of the day care,” a sheriff’s report says.

Mills remains in jail under no bond. Calls to the day care have not been returned.


  1. The public needs to gather outside of this daycare and protest. Charges need to be brought against the owner and this disgusting piece of human garbage. Every parent in the CSRA should be outraged. Funnel that anger at this specific daycare and demand retribution. Declare war on this daycare and its inhabitants!!

  2. The people that own the daycare are Great people. Just cause the workers did dumb ass stuff that does not make the owner bad. The owner is a God fearing women. So please know what you are talking about. They do have praying in this daycare so what has happen is God just reveal to the owner what was going on.

  3. That’s sad that this happened. From what I understand though, depending on which Children’s Unique this is, they’re really focused on the children and parents like them. It’s sad that now their good rep is tarnished because of this woman.