Jaime Hutto

A Martinez woman was arrested Tuesday for trying to get her husband back by claiming three men broke into her house and raped her, authorities said.

Jaime Leverett Hutto, 42, of Autumn Leaf Way, was charged Tuesday night with false report of a crime.

According to a sheriff’s report, Hutto reported that three men entered her residence at 5 a.m. Tuesday and raped her.

From a sheriff’s report: “Jamie stated that early in the morning she woke up to let her dog outside when three men rushed in through the back door. She said she ran to her bathroom locked the door and they some how managed to break into the bathroom. Jaime said there were two white men and a black man, and the black man sat on the sink and cut her with an unknown silver object. He then held her down while the two white men raped her.”

The woman told investigators that the men left through the back door after making vulgar obscene comments, including “no one will love her now” and “payback is a b***h.”

An investigation showed her story was made up. She told authorities that she was hoping to get her husband back after he left her on Friday, making up the story for attention. Officers knew something was wrong since there appeared to be no forced entry into the home, the report says.

Oddly enough, Hutto had called the sheriff’s office a few hours earlier with a story about a less violent burglary. She said she was downstairs in her bedroom asleep when the sound of the alarm system going off woke her up. She went into the hallway to investigate, then saw an unknown suspect run out of the front door. Hutto said she looked back and saw another suspect run out of the back door. Jaime walked down the hall toward the front door and noticed a pile of items stacked by the front door.

Hutto has already been released from jail on bond.

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