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Exposed – North Augusta Mom’s Secret Life of Prostitution


A young mother’s secret life of prostitution from her home in North Augusta was exposed this week with her arrest by Aiken County authorKristen Perry backpageities.

Kristen Perry is facing 21 counts of prostitution for a series of “escort” ads she allegedly posted on offering sex with strangers for between $100-$200, depending on how much time they wanted. Some ads included pictures of a female’s vaginal area and her breasts with a phone number that belonged to Perry, according to warrants obtained by The Jail Report.

“Ready to meet gentlemen, must be white or donations will be higher,” the 26-year-old suspect allegedly wrote in the ads. She asked for $100 for a quick visit, $150 for a half hour and $200 for an hour.

In one ad from Jan. 19, she wrote, “Kinky fun, I’m in North Augusta…private residence,” and “ready now.” The ad is accompanied by a photo of buttocks in a thong. “Fetish welcome,” said yet another ad with an email listed as “”

The ads were traced to her home on Maple Drive using the ad’s Internet address and a warrant for Comcast records. The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant on her home this week and she was arrested Wednesday. She has since been released on bond and told someone on Facebook that it’s “a different story than it appears.”

A Facebook page for the suspect shows her posing with two small children and a man, and she lists her relationship status as “Engaged.”

The crackdown comes in the middle of Masters Week, when the “Escorts” page of Augusta’s section features several naked women offering Masters Week specials.

“Pretty Young Thick Thang, In Town for Masters Week, 22,” said the headline of one ad, which included several pictures of a woman’s breasts and buttocks dresses in bikinis and thongs.

In Perry’s case, she often told potential customers that she was looking for serious people only and “not law enforcement.”

“Couples welcome,” one ad said, according to one of 21 warrants filed against her. In that ad from Dec. 28, she allegedly included a nude photo of a female’s front torso visibly displaying her breast and a belly piercing. All of the ads documented by law enforcement were from the months of December 2015 and January 2016.

Kristen Perry, 26, of North Augusta, Prostitution

According to the warrants, she allegedly placed the ads “for the purpose of procuring or soliciting for the purpose of prostitution.”

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Greg Rickabaugh
Greg Rickabaugh
Greg Rickabaugh is an award-winning crime reporter in the Augusta-Aiken area with experience writing for The Augusta Chronicle, The Augusta Press and serving as publisher of The Jail Report. Rickabaugh is a 1994 graduate of the University of South Carolina and has appeared on several crime documentaries on the Investigation Discovery channel.


    • This is another example of how our laws are in place to tell women what they can and can’t do with their bodies. It’s sad because this is just another person being victimized for committing a victim-less crime.

      It’s one of the oldest professions in the world and no amount of arrests are going to stop it. It’s better to license and regulate it to keep the workers and their Johns safe than to make it illegal and demonize those involved in it. You’d be surprised to learn who frequents prostitutes on a regular basis.

    • “Slouching Towards Gomorrah” in the immortal words of Robert Bork. America is gradually but inexorably losing all sense of morality. The prostitution of women is not a legitimate business, nor a “victim-less crime”. Its victims are women everywhere and families and as a result, society as a whole. Our porn-saturated cultured has completely numbed us to the point that the loving act proper only to a man and his wife is now considered to be nothing more than a legitimate form of recreation; a mere commodity, to be paid for in cash, like any other form of business transaction.

      Widespread sexual depravity is the hallmark of a decaying culture; we’re going the way of ancient Rome and it won’t be pretty.

  1. I must admit, I could care less one way or the other. It is very much one of the oldest surviving profession. All the arrest, criticizing, etcetera will not stamp it out or probably even reduce it. As long as it can be licensed and regulated, I’d have no qualms about it. There is however, a better way to operate than outside of your residence. Especially if the children are around or even remotely have a possibility of being around. That’s where having a facility licesned and regulated could and would make the ultimate difference.

    • Ok, I am rather confused. You demonize marijuana legalization; yet, prostitution being legal and regulated is okay in your book? Both are virtually victim-less crimes. How do you make a distinction?

      • If we are to be truthful about both subjects, neither are truly “victim-less” crimes. Both roads traveled are going to lead some individuals down a road in which they cannot return. Now, to clarify my position a little further. Even though I don’t particularly care about the legalization of prostitution one way or the other, I also don’t desire to see it on every street corner.
        Marijuana is simply just another drug, another way for someone to get high, obtain a feeling of euphoria, or just simply another path to addiction. I understand they’re untold numbers of people incarcerated for marijuana possession and the cost is staggering. That’s also not a reason to treat marijuana like it’s an over-the-counter medication. Studies have shown that people who use marijuana are more apt to quit school, not maintain regular employment, and when attempting to quit, experience anxiety, depression, etcetera. Now, with that being said, I could use the same argument with alcohol or a host of other drugs. With so many drugs already available, and legal, why allow another one I’m the market? At some point, isn’t enough enough? Marijuana, like alcohol is already responsible for numerous deaths in relation to car collisions as it is. It’s not that I’m against marijuana because it’s marijuana, it’s because I don’t see the need for another recreational drug legalized. For people who need marijuana that is prescribed for medicinal purposes, I have no problems. The synthetic form marinol, as best I understand, works efficiently.
        In conclusion, I’m not against everything that comes down the pike. I’m just not in favor of being pro everything either.

        • I never said they were “truly” victim-less. I said they were “virtually” victim-less. But that’s neither here nor there.

          “Marijuana is simply just another drug, another way for someone to get high, obtain a feeling of euphoria, or just simply another path to addiction”

          So is prostitution, or the hiring of prostitutes.

          “Studies have shown that people who use marijuana are more apt to quit school, not maintain regular employment, and when attempting to quit, experience anxiety, depression, etcetera.”

          Those archaic studies were deliberately skewed to promote the anti-marijuana legislation that put us where we are today. Those skewed studies are constantly being dis-proven with updated, true, peer reviewed, scientific studies. You would actually be surprised as to how many professionals with degrees use recreational marijuana. Moreover, at the rate college students consume marijuana, your “stereotype” of the pot smoker would equate to a 3-4% graduation rate for most colleges and we both know that is inaccurate.

          All in all, you really need to do more research on marijuana before you pop off with all of your outdated and skewed opinions. Regardless, my original point was me trying to fathom why you are so hard pressed to demonize the pot smoker, but the prostitutes get a pass. Oh wait…

          • That’s your opinion the numbers are skewed. Just as you can show, or attempt to show, so can other scientific studies disprove your so-called conclusion. All in all, it boils down to opinion. My view and opinion remains the same. I’m willing to give a little but not completely. Like it or lump it. Either way, I really don’t care. In conclusion, I’m not demonizing anything, I’m just not in agreement.

          • I am not concerned with what you care about. Moreover, the studies are NOT my opinion, they are fact. Again, I know your stance on pot so that is old news. I just find it funny that you are such an opponent to the legalization of marijuana. I expect it is because you don’t smoke marijuana. But, you have no problem legalizing and regulating prostitution. Hmmmmmmm????

          • My friend, I have better sense and enough age on me to not try either of the two. That’s certainly the least of my worries. That I can assure you.

          • Ad hominem attacks are usually the tools used by someone who has nothing intelligent to say. I expected a little more from you. Maybe I shouldn’t have.

          • According to one of your last remarks, I expected more from you as well. Just because an individual accepts an idea, practice, or way of life, in no way means he or she takes part. Come on now, even you shouldn’t sink to personal accusations.

          • You really need to re-read my comments. Not once did I accuse you of anything, ever. All I did was ask some questions because I was confused concerning your stance. I may have insinuated some things, but I never once accused you of anything. There is a difference.

          • The line is very thin. No, I don’t need to re-read anything. When you insinuate a comment such as that, it’s over the line. Just because you are in favor of a host of things I’m against, I’m not going to blur the line with insinuations. Believe it or not, I have respect for most of the people I debate. Not all, but most.

          • I just find it a little humorous that suddenly you go into attack mode because of a slight insinuation. Still makes me wonder (regardless of how small my mind is).

          • Likewise, I find it humorous that you would make such a leap. Have fun with your fanciful thoughts, ideas, and perceptions though.

  2. This is all the Aiken police department has to do- bust nookie vendors? And kiwiinamerica- prostitution was once ran for profit by the Catholic Church. So the ‘Slouching Towards Gomorrah’ reference is quite amusing. I’d say history and even current events prove quite unequivocally that Gomorrah is usually found hiding in the local church so many sheeple attend for their mini salvation every Sunday. Chill and get busy getting the real criminals off the street, rednecks.

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