The fake Walmart worker has struck the Evans store for the third time, authorities said.

Last Wednesday afternoon, this unidentified man put a Walmart vest on and removed 19 iPhones from the Electronic Department at the Evans location.

He is seen on camera using a key and opening the drawer, withdrawing nineteen iPhone 12 cell phones worth $19,340 and concealed them in a blue bag. He then walked to the back of the store and exited through the fire exit.

He’s the same suspect believed to be responsible for two other incidents:

On Feb. 23, he entered the same Walmart wearing an employee vest. In that case, he took fifteen sets of Apple I-pods, valued at over $2815.00, and left the store without paying for any of the merchandise.

On March 19, he entered the store around 6:22 p.m. wearing a white long sleeve shirt and blue jeans. He went straight to the electronics department and used a barrel key that he had on his person to unlock the sliding glass door. The subject then removed a large quantity of Nintendo Switch games and placed them in a cardboard box. The subject then passed all points of sale and exited the store without paying.

Authorities say he was picked up just outside the door by a white 2 door Nissan Altima. The vehicle has a black or glass roof, black rims, and a noticeable black decal on the side skirt of the vehicle.

If you can help identify him, please call the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office at 706-541-2800.