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Fort Gordon Worker Demands Lamborghini Driver Get Ticket for Parking in Handicapped


Christopher PriceA military man was furious Saturday when cops didn’t give a citation to the owner of a Lamborghini who parked illegally in the handicapped spot at the Evans I-HOP restaurant.

“He’s disrespecting war veteran amputees!” the Augusta man yelled at deputies.

But the only person who got in trouble was Christopher Franklyn Price for public drunkenness, and he ended up in the Columbia County Jail.

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Price, a 30-year-old man who works on Fort Gordon for the U.S. Navy as a intelligence analyst, was intoxicated at 3 a.m. Saturday when he went to the Evans I-HOP. That’s when a deputy gave the owner of a Lamborghini Huracán a warning about parking in the handicapped section without a permit.

The deputy left but had to return to complaints that Price was harassing the car’s occupants. The deputy found Price circling the expensive car and yelling at the people inside.

Price reeked of alcohol and was slurring his words, a report says. A deputy told him to calm down and even offered to drive him home, but he screamed, “They need to be written a f***ing ticket!”

At this point, two deputies tried to calm him down but Price yelled that the Lamborghini driver was “disrespecting war veteran amputees and should be given a ticket.”

Price refused to leave or be escorted home – and he demanded to be taken to jail. “He emptied the contents of his pockets on the ground of the parking lot and refused to pick them up,” a deputy said in his report.

He was then arrested.

Greg Rickabaugh
Greg Rickabaugh
Greg Rickabaugh is an award-winning crime reporter in the Augusta-Aiken area with experience writing for The Augusta Chronicle, The Augusta Press and serving as publisher of The Jail Report. Rickabaugh is a 1994 graduate of the University of South Carolina and has appeared on several crime documentaries on the Investigation Discovery channel.


  1. *works = worked
    Also, what does Fort Gordon have to do with this story? If he worked at a local golf course, would the writer identity Price as a golf course worker? Is the whole intent of this article to get Price fired?
    Also, it’s IHOP, not I-HOP. Go there, the pancakes are terrific.

  2. This story is so biased the drunk was shouting “You’re the reason all my friends are dead!” Not “He’s disrespecting all the war veterans!”. He was screaming and cursing. Even making jacking off motions in the parking lot. The driver simply moved it when asked. The guy kept screaming etc. He was circling the Lamborghini after and tapping on the glass when the guy was trying to leave. He deserved to be arrested, he was acting baligerant and in a manner that does not reflect well on the army. I understand giving the driver a ticket if it was rush hour, but at three in the morning asking him to politely move was just fine. Price was not this respectable soldier that this article pertrayed he was an angry drunk.

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