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GBI: RCSO Deputy Had Gone to Home to Pick Up Kids


GBI officials say an off-duty deputy had gone to his estranged wife’s residence Friday afternoon to pick up two children before he got into an argument with the man he fatally shot.

Allen Crispin from Facebook“While at the residence Joshua Lee and Allen Crispin became involved in a verbal altercation which briefly became physical,” a GBI press release says. “Witnesses to the incident revealed that Lee produced a pistol and pointed it toward Crispin. Crispin was also armed with a pistol and fired two rounds, striking Lee twice.”

The deceased man has been identified as 26-year-old Joshua Franklin Lee, who was shot twice, Chief Deputy Coroner Kenneth Boose Sr. said.

The shooting occurred at 937 Horseshoe Road. Because it involved a deputy, Sheriff Richard Roundtree immediately requested the GBI to conduct an independent investigation.

Crispin (pictured here from a Facebook photo) has been placed on administrative leave with pay until the GBI investigation is complete, which is standard policy at the sheriff’s office.

“The investigation is ongoing,” the GBI press release says.

Josh LeeLee (pictured at right) has previous addresses in Wagener, S.C., and Appling, Ga., and he also has a November 2015 arrest for disorderly conduct in Jackson, S.C.

Lee’s Facebook indicates he worked for a tree service and previously attended Grovetown High School.

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Greg Rickabaugh
Greg Rickabaugh
Greg Rickabaugh is an award-winning crime reporter in the Augusta-Aiken area with experience writing for The Augusta Chronicle, The Augusta Press and serving as publisher of The Jail Report. Rickabaugh is a 1994 graduate of the University of South Carolina and has appeared on several crime documentaries on the Investigation Discovery channel.


    • That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day, and I’m not even sure it made sense, but here’s a little tip for you in case you didn’t know; off duty cops typically carry their weapons with them everywhere they go. It’s part of being a peace officer, and being prepared for anything at anytime.

      The cop did what he had to, and isn’t at fault here. If your dumbass brings a gun to your ex’s house and just decides to kill her new boyfriend, then yes, you will either be shot by cops if you resist, or go to prison for murder, and it will be exactly what you deserve. That’s not what happened here, and that’s not what the cop did.

      This is why people should actually graduate high school with reading comprehension skills…FML.

  1. First off Joshua Lee wasn’t dating anyone. He has a women a one year old and an unborn on the way he’ll now never meet. This report isn’t stating the truth!!!…. He went over to this house to figure out one of his stupid friends problems and got shot for it. R.I.P Josh please know this is not what you deserved and if he in return doesn’t get what he deserves we will make sure he does. We LOVE YOU !!!

  2. I am always amazed at the comments on articles like these! I think it’s funny to see how awful the writing can be. If you can’t spell, don’t use correct punctuation, and/or write at a third grade level, STOP posting your opinion!! Or at the very least reread your post before you hit send!! It makes you look ignorant!! Yes, it’s tragic that a man lost his life. But right now, only 3 people really know what truly happened out there. As for why he had a gun while picking up his children, I can tell you that 99.9% of police officers, whether on duty or off, carry a gun. Why did the guy come out of the house with a weapon and confront the deputy??? Especially if he wasn’t even the ex wife’s new boyfriend, as Ashleigh says? If you point a gun at me, I’m going to shoot you too. You don’t point a weapon at someone just to threaten or scare them. You only point it if you plan to use it. If you aren’t planning on using it, you risk having this happen. And threatening to make sure he “gets what he deserves” if nothing is done to him by the police isn’t very bright! I’m sorry that you lost a friend, but threatening someone on a public forum, and using your name with the post, is a great way to get arrested yourself. I highly doubt any criminal charges will be brought against the off duty deputy. So don’t be too surprised if the next update says just that. It sounds like there were plenty of witnesses there, and they’re saying that Joshua presented a weapon first, making the shooting self defense. Especially since the off duty deputy is lawfully carrying a firearm. I feel sorry for the kids involved. They had to witness a man get killed. I don’t know their ages, but hopefully they aren’t old enough that this incident causes them any mental stress in the future.

  3. I’ve been following this story since it happened I have looked at both points of view and I would have to say Lee’s decision lead to his own dimise now pause for a second look at what happened on Gordon hwy one man shot another after he was in fear of his life after being chased and his vehicle was rammed by another person his actions were self-defense. Now back to this story according to this story by the witnesses Lee went outside drew a weapon and pointed it at Crispin. Now pause again (let’s forget the fact that Crispin is a cop) Now look at what happened again one man pulled a gun and pointed at another man no where in the story did they say Crispin is the aggressor and he fired in self-defense (what was he suppose to do wait to get shot then return fire hell no if you point a gun at me you made a decision to possibly end my life) But nobody wants to think about that fact people want to look at your position if your a cop. Because if he wasn’t this story would not be under such scutiny. now I will add something else what if Lee would of shot and missed and would of struck one of the kids that were there this would be a completely different story. Lee made a decision that ultimately cost him his life Crispin was not wrong in his actions he chose life for himself and his children and this is my opinion coming from being a father, a veteran (USMC) and my father is a deputy of RCSO.

    • Completely agree here. It sounds like a classic case of “bro-dude hothead kid trying to scare off the ex of his new girlfriend” kind of thing. Judging by the deceased’s Facebook picture, he was your typical loudmouth douchebag with a little-man complex. He probably had some misguided notion that he was defending his territory or the honor of his new female friend. It’s sad that someone was killed and even more sad that it was in front of those kids, but based on witness testimony, Officer Crispin did what he needed to do.

      Another thing to point out is that the man who was killed had an arrest record for disorderly conduct. I’m not sure where he was arrested at, but out here, most cops are very reasonable and give you multiple opportunities to correct your behavior or calm down before they take action. Very few times have I ever seen someone get so unruly as to get arrested for DC due to the cops issuing warnings and calmly requesting that people quiet down or calm down and go home.

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