Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 3.47.35 PMA Columbia County woman was hospitalized this week after drinking air freshener that she mistook for moonshine in her estranged husband’s cabinet, according to a sheriff’s report.

Sandra Berry was rushed to Doctor’s Hospital suffering from the effects of the air freshener liquid, including labored breathing.

Applying resident Neil Berry told deputies Sunday that his estranged wife was at his house on Saturday night before he got home from work. When he returned home early Sunday, his wife appeared ill.

“Sandra Berry told him she drank something from under the cabinet, which was in a plastic water bottle and labeled Apple Cinnamon,” the sheriff’s report said.

The woman Mr. Berry that she thought it was left-over moonshine. He informed her it was actually air freshener for the car.

“Neil Berry stated he observed his wife sit down at the table because she became dizzy,” the report says. “Mr. Berry stated he began researching the effects of drinking air freshener, when he saw Mrs. Sandra Berry fall out of her chair.”

Mr. Berry called the Sheriff`s Office and placed Mrs. Berry in his vehicle, meeting deputies at Publix on Washington Road. Officers found her slumped over and having labored breathing, and paramedics arrived to take her to the hospital.

Sheriff’s officials said her condition was unknown Thursday.

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