Jerry Matthews

   A homeless man is facing felony child molestation charges after accusations that he approached a 13-year-old girl outside Zaxby’s on Sunday night and gave her a box of dildos and adult sex toys.

   Jerry Wayne Matthews, 41, allegedly approached the girl and her guardian and said he wanted to show them something.

   “The accused handed the victim a Nike shoe box,” an arrest warrant says. “(She) found it to contain dildos, vibrators and other adult toys.”

   The suspect also allegedly told the girl, “You’re so beautiful.” He told the adult guardian that she was beautiful too, but the 13-year-old girl was “really beautiful.”

   The suspect told deputies that he found the adult toys in a dumpster and was trying to be a good salesman. He said if he could not get money for the items, he planned to give them away.

   But the girl told officers that the stranger had been staring at her inside the restaurant and approached them as they were leaving.

   The girl described the items as “inappropriate toys,” “pink,” and “long.” Officers were called and confronted the suspect, finding him with several other sex toys, including a pink vibrating dildo, a set of pink nipple enlargers and a three-pack of oral sex candy.

   Matthews was charged with child molestation – non-aggravated.

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