RCSO Deputy Arrested for Working as Bouncer While on Duty! That’s Double Dipping!

A Richmond County deputy has been fired and arrested for “double dipping,” accused of working twice as a bouncer while on duty.

Road Patrol Deputy Brian Ouzts was fired Friday and subsequently charged with theft by deception and violation of oath of office, according to a press release.

The agency’s Internal Affairs division got a complaint two weeks ago that the officer had worked a Special Duty assignment at a nightclub while he was working his regular on-duty assignment. Ouzts was allegedly paid by the club owner and subsequently paid by the county in his normal pay cycle, a press release says.

“The criminal investigation revealed that on Oct. 5 and Oct. 16, Deputy Ouzts while on regular duty was paid a total of $500 for working security at the Private Eye Nightclub on Thomas Lane and was further compensated by the Richmond County Government through his county paycheck,” a press release says.

Based on the findings of the criminal investigation, arrest warrants were issued on Ouzts and he turned himself in at the Charles B. Webster Detention Center.

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