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Richmond County Probation Officer is Caught Living in Drug House with 2 Kids!


A violent home invasion in Aiken County led to the discovery that a local probation officer is raising her children in a home with a drug-dealing boyfriend, authorities said.

Olivia TaylorOlivia Taylor, 26, is a Richmond County Probation Officer living on Key Plantation Road in Warrenville with her 5-year-old daughter and a baby girl. She reported a home invasion on Sunday night but ended up in jail herself.

Taylor told authorities that three black males with red scarves on their faces approached her outside her home Sunday night, pointed assault rifles at her and forced her inside. They tied her up with duct tape on her head, arms and hands, and they kicked and punched her, a sheriff’s report says.

“Where’s the money?!” the robbers kept asking her.

Taylor said the robbers ransacked the home and stole her duty weapon, badge, cell phone, wallet and purse.  Once they were done, they let the woman’s 5-year-old girl in the room and left. The daughter helped her mom get out of the duct tape.

A neighbor saw the robbers leaving the woman’s home and heard her screams. He went over to help and escorted Taylor and her kids to his home, where they called authorities.

When sheriff’s investigators arrived, they began processing the probation officer’s home for evidence and found “a large quantity of narcotics,” a sheriff’s report says.

Taylor was arrested Monday for drug possession with intent to distribute and two counts of unlawful neglect of a child. Warrants say she placed her children at unreasonable risk by allowing her boyfriend to “store, use, package and sell drugs from her home.”  The boyfriend, Keith Antonio Williams, is being sought on drug charges.

Authorities say the woman’s service weapon was later found in her home. Also, a suspect vehicle was recovered on Williston Road and it was a stolen vehicle out of Augusta.

Taylor began working for the Richmond County Probation Office in August 2016 and was making a salary last year of $35,301, according to online records.

A woman answering the phone Tuesday morning at the Richmond County Probation Office said the deputy chief of the office was not available and they could not comment on Taylor’s status. The woman declined to identify the name of the deputy chief or whether Taylor still worked there. She hung up the phone when asked for the deputy chief’s name.  A database identified him as Brian Keith Redd.

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  1. lets see here a probation officer with drugs in her home, ( not to mention 2 small children ) a drug dealing boyfriend , supervising other drug dealers, users on how to handle their life challenges ? Wonder how far this investigation will go? I mean any connections between any of them ? Seems to me now if you are going to call the police to report a crime might you rid your self of any illegal items in your home? Only one word for this caped crusader …….. well I don’t need to say it

  2. This is what its all about, never what you know but who you know. I bet with just her position alone she has gotten her boyfriend out and nobody will ever check into the status of how many more times she has used and abused her title. Need alittle more drug testing on these positions with Sheriff’s Dept.[Richmond Co. Next time you report a crime and you’re to high to remember to clean out your own stash or hide your drugs, that’s SAD. Gonna need you to do better.

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