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South Aiken Teacher & Coach Jailed for Sex with Student


A teacher and coach at South Aiken High School was charged today with sexual battery for having a sexual relationship with a student, authorities said.

Michael Paul Waters, 41, of Casaba Drive, Aiken, was charged with five counts of sexual battery with a student.

Public Safety Lt. J.D. “Jake” Mahoney said Waters was involved in an ongoing, unlawful physical relationship with the female student. A police report says the relationship occurred between September and December.

A profile of Waters on a school website says students know the suspect as “Coach Waters.”

“I have been teaching Economics and Geography here at South Aiken going on 11 years now,” Waters wrote on the website. “I enjoy teaching young people in hopes of one day making a difference in their lives. I LOVE coaching and I am a sports fanatic.”

The site says Waters is the defensive back coach for football and head boy’s soccer coach.

Waters surrendered to police Wednesday and was booked into the Aiken County Detention Center.

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Greg Rickabaugh
Greg Rickabaugh
Greg Rickabaugh is an award-winning crime reporter in the Augusta-Aiken area with experience writing for The Augusta Chronicle, The Augusta Press and serving as publisher of The Jail Report. Rickabaugh is a 1994 graduate of the University of South Carolina and has appeared on several crime documentaries on the Investigation Discovery channel.


  1. This man here is an AWESOME teacher and Coach at South Aiken. This article is bullshit. He hasn’t even been to court or anything. Aiken county is forever bashing innocent people and quick to accuse ppl! The student was obviously of age. Coach Waters doesn’t deserve to be treated like this.

    • Get the freak out of here. Awesome is how you feel about a teacher sexing our youth are you retarded? Of age or not parents don’t send their children to school to get violated by the people who suppose to be protecting, and teaching them. This is a sick fool who, what, and how can a MAN get pleasure from a KID. Obviously your ass is just as sick as this fool. Its no justification for this in no way. So he fell in love with a kid who still need her parents guidance. Yeah right this is a great, awesome, REAL MAN by your standards IDIOT

        • So your ass is saying if a fuckin kid wants to get sexual with a PROFESSIONAL, MATURE, RESPECTFUL, HONEST, GREAT TEACHER. That is just as much her fault then his, or they carry the blame together? Are you freaking kidding me? Do you know how many students, kids and youths have crushes on teachers? Also how many teachers manage to stay a professional and not ruin their position in life. Come on be real and open your eyes please. Kids have been attracted to adults since the beginning of time, and the professional teachers been staying professionals since then as well. “She wanted it” dummy say that again to yourself, and we already know What your ass will teach your kids if you ever have any.

          • My values are different from your values ms. Stone. I’m a grown ass man, and there is no fucking way possible that I can get a hard on for a child. Yes ma’am she’s wrong for even trying a 41 year old man that’s actually not a professional, but a child molester. No doubt that the both of them are wrong, but my question to you would be: So you do think that he should be punished for his actions because it’s her fault as well? REALLY

          • Ms stone is obviously an idiot who thinks she knows everything. She tried to sound concerned yet she tells everyone’s name. None of her business. The girl involved is 16 not 17. Young and dumb but Paul is a grown man who should have been the adult in the situation.

          • Umm….since I have been there since they day she was born, I believe I know how old she is. So stay out of our family’s business with ur fake concern. WOW.

          • Well that’s nice. I need to talk to her parents about the words that her friends say to adults! And how her friends told maddies name on the internet. Thanks for the info.

          • Thank you finally someone who’s just being real Gail thank you. I’ve been trying to get these folks to get in the REAL world so thanks

          • It’s ridiculous how some people are acting about this. Yes she is 16 and yes she is old enough to know better. But, for a grown man to want to have sex with a CHILD (16 is still a child) that is disgusting! And I hope that every person that has called her a slut or said she was asking for it, never did anything dumb at that age, or they never have a child that messes up!

          • They should both be punished, but because of the age differences, the punishes with be TOTALLY different.

          • The man was put in the position to coach and to teach! The fact of the matter is he’s still the adult in the situation he should’ve handled it like any healthy adult does. Period. The student has a problem with boundaries. She’s going to be needing counseling. Don’t like how the system works change it!

          • Hey Morgan you’re absolutely right and I totally agree with you. I’ve been trying to make these folks who are responding understand this. Some want to take the blame from this perverted man, and some are blaming the kid. This is why victims don’t come forward with incidents now because of not being believed, and being looked upon as trouble for ruining their attackers lives. People don’t even amaze me anyway, they never think until it hits home. Take care

    • He did the same thing back in 2003, was suspended during the investigation but the girl wouldn’t talk about it so they didn’t find enough evidence. I thought it might be the same thing, but if this happened in September, lightning doesn’t strike twice. You’re not going to be accused of sleeping with students every single year for no reason….

    • So now you are the judge and jury. Well let me drop some knowledge on you timmy. The police usually have to get up enough evidence to make an arrest. In this case if it was really false coach would’ve never been finger printed. I can make up a lie on you, but if I can not provide proof then it’s not a chance of a case.

  2. I happen to know Coach Waters and his family also the 16 year old student and YES they had been texting for over a year that I heard, both families are such amazing and caring families, pray for both this Christmas.

  3. He is an awesome teacher but YES he did have sexual relations with a student! I personally know both Waters’ family and the Bartons and this is just horrible! I feel sorry for the Bartons, Madison sure did mess up ALOT right before Christmas, as well at Michael did.

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