Augusta mom Lasonya Grandstaff talks about her son’s arrest on two felonies after she called for help with a mental health crisis and getting him to the doctor. She says she wishes she had never called the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office.

Our interview:

Deputies Benjamin White and Sandra Norman were on a call Oct. 6 on Tata Heights Circle in Augusta. Suspect Kirkland Grandstaff was being arrested for criminal trespass. But authorities say Grandstaff resisted arrest, slamming a bedroom door on Deputy Norman’s left foot and punching Deputy White in the face, a sheriff’s report says.

That knocked the officer’s glasses off his face. The officers got him under control, even as he hurled “offensive comments” at them.

Grandstaff then “spit his saliva towards Deputy Norman,” the report says.

Grandstaff, 24, of Augusta, was charged Oct. 8 with two counts of felony obstruction and criminal trespass.