Warrenville Man Slaps Wife on Butt. She Stabs Him in the Stomach.

Farris GregersonA Warrenville woman stabbed her husband in the stomach Monday morning in a furious reaction to being slapped on her butt, authorities said.

Farris Thomas-Gregerson, 31, of Piney Heights Road, Warrenville, has been charged with domestic violence high & aggravated and weapon possession in the attack on 38-year-old Richard Gregerson, who is in stable condition at a local hospital.

Mr. Gregerson told authorities that he was in bed with his wife when he “playfully slapped her on her butt.” She got upset and he apologized. But Mrs. Gregerson got a knife and the victim used a DVD rack to try and protect himself. But she cut him on the elbow and wrist and stabbed him in the abdomen, a sheriff’s report says.

Mr. Gregerson told deputies he wanted his wife arrested for the stabbing. The suspect told officers she was defending herself and was struck in the face by her husband. An officer noticed that she had blood around her mouth.
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