Alexa Axon, left, and her grandfather, William Rebeck, right.

This is Alexa Axon, the Grovetown woman who went on Facebook Live and allegedly threatened “bullets for Columbia County.”

The 35-year-old bartender was apparently upset that her grandfather, a school bus driver for the county, was diagnosed with COVID-19 and passed away.

So she posted a video in which she stated that she had “f***ing bullets for Columbia County,” according to a sheriff’s report.

“It’s not even funny,” she reportedly said. “So Columbia County, if you’re watching this, I got bullets for you, and I’m coming for you. So get ready for the bullets, cause they comin’.”

Contacted by authorities, Axon said she had been very upset because she believes county administrators have kept the cause of her grandfather’s death a secret from the public. She said she posted the Facebook video to vent about the stress in her life and didn’t mean to threaten the county.

“She does not intend to shoot anyone,” the report says. “She meant she had some words to express to county administrators.”

Axon was charged with terroristic threats & acts and jailed. A sheriff’s report identifies her as a bartender at James Brown Arena.

According to media reports, the Columbia County School District is refusing to comment on the cause of death of school bus driver William Rebeck. The longtime bus driver died Sunday, according to his son’s Facebook page.

On his Facebook page, George Rebeck said his father caught COVID-19.

Columbia County Superintendent Sandra Carraway called Rebeck “a longtime, faithful employee” of the district’s Transportation Department who was “well known and well loved by his students and school staff.”