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Lies by Appling Woman Gets Boyfriend Jailed for 2 Weeks

A Columbia County woman has been charged with falsely accusing a man of a sex crime -- not once, but twice! In fact, 32-year-old Mindy...

Sex Offender Leads Chase at 95 mph in 25 mph Zone

A sex offender from Augusta was arrested early Saturday after a car chase, a foot chase and after he punched and hit two Richmond...


Augusta Man Accused of Raping Woman at His Home

An Augusta man with a history of criminal offenses was charged Wednesday with felony rape after a woman accused him of sexually assaulting by...



Paine College Reacts Quickly to Sexual Battery of Student

A male Paine College student was accused of sexual battery on a female classmate last week and the reaction by the new campus police...

Elderly Augusta Man Charged with Raping Young Girl

An elderly Augusta man has been charged with child rape and molestation charges after a 13-year-old girl accused the man of sexually assaulting her...