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Thelma Iakopo, 18, of Hephzibah, Shoplifting

Full Name IAKOPO, THELMA NANCY Arrest Date 6/20/2016 Race Asian/Pacific Islander Sex Female Age 17 YEARS OLD No. Charge – SHOPLIFTING Bond Disposition

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Sabrina Wilson

Sabrina Wilson, 30, of Augusta, DUI, open container, speeding

Full Name Wilson, Sabrina Denise Arrest Date 10/16/2016 Race Black Sex Female Age 30 YEARS OLD No. Charge Bond Disposition 1 DUI ALCOHOL CONCENT .08G OR MORE W/3HRS OR MORE $1,400.00 2 SPEEDING $359.00 3 OPEN CONTAINER LIQUOR VIOLATION $278.00

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Linda Carswell

Linda Carswell, 56, of Augusta, Firearm possession by felon

Full Name Carswell, Linda Anne Arrest Date 10/16/2016 Race White Sex Female Age 56 YEARS OLD No. Charge Bond Disposition 1 HOLD SUBJECT DO NOT RELEASE Released 2 POSSESSION OF FIREARM BY CONVICTED FELONS $5,700.00

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