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Clark Connor

Clark Connor, 53, of Augusta, Meth possession with intent to distribute, firearm possession by felon, weapon possession

Full Name Connor, Clark Cash Arrest Date 2/22/2017 Race White Sex Male Age 53 YEARS OLD No. Charge – METH POSSESSION WITH INTENT TO DISTRIBUTE, FIREARM POSSESSION BY FELON, WEAPON POSSESSION Bond Disposition

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Breanna Evans

Breanna Evans, 19, of Hephzibah, Shoplifting

Full Name Evans, Breanna Takenya Arrest Date 2/22/2017 Race Black Sex Female Age 19 YEARS OLD No. Charge РSHOPLIFTING  Bond Disposition 1 HOLD SUBJECT DO NOT RELEASE

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Joseph Currington

Joseph Currington, 21, of Augusta, Driving under suspension, obedience to traffic devices

Full Name Currington, Joseph Demardra Arrest Date 2/21/2017 Race Black Sex Male Age 21 YEARS OLD No. Charge- DRIVING UNDER SUSPENSION, OBEDIENCE TO TRAFFIC DEVICES Bond Disposition

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James English

James English, 25, of Augusta, No insurance, following too closely

Full Name English, James Pierce Arrest Date 2/21/2017 Race White Sex Male Age 25 YEARS OLD No. Charge – NO INSURANCE, FOLLOWING TOO CLOSELY Bond Disposition

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