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Jon-Eric Stripling Arrest

Grovetown Cop Accused of Sexual Assault on Inmate

The escape last week of two inmates from the Grovetown Jail wasn’t the only problem Chief Gary Owens was facing at his detention facility. A former Grovetown officer was arrested last week on a grand jury warrant for sexu...
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Burglars Caught

Augusta Burglars Caught with Help of Home Video

Richmond County authorities have arrested at least two young men captured on home surveillance breaking into a Wheeler Road home in Augusta. Frank Allen Wilkins II, 19, (top photo) and Gregory Washington, 24 (bottom), have each...
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Charles Leon Johnson II cop shooting

Augusta Man Killed by Cop in North Georgia

Here’s your first look at Charles Johnson II, the Augusta man who was shot and killed Tuesday in northern Georgia after trying to drag an officer during a traffic stop. The shooting of 29-year-old Charles Johnson II was c...
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Help Identify Limping Lady & Thieving Partner

This man and woman shoplifted a bunch of stuff from the Dollar General in Columbia County. He shoved a package of T-shirts and some boxers in his shorts and she took cans of air freshener into her purse, which was already full ...
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At GRU: Young Mom Tapes Mouth of Toddler

Officials at GRU Hospital have filed charges against a young mother who taped the mouth of her 2-year-old son to keep him quiet, according to authorities. Stephanie Harris, 21, of Albany, Ga., was at the hospital Sunday when a ...
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Meloni Williams

Evans Day Care Worker Arrested for Abusing Boy, 4

An Evans day care worker has been charged with battery and fired after allegedly abusing a 4-year-old boy in an incident captured on video. Meloni Satin Williams, 32, of Augusta, was charged last Thursday with misdemeanor batte...
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What Happened to All the Mugshots on Our Site?

If you’re wondering what happened to all the mugshots on, here’s the answer: The mugshots we posted were pulled directly from the jail websites operated by the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office...
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Tyrafred Campbell

Inmate Arrested in Death at Augusta State Medical Prison

A criminal arrest warrant for the offense of murder was issued Wednesday for Tyrafred Amira Campbell in the prison murder of Shannon Levi Grier. The killing occurred June 29 at Augusta State Medical Prison. Campbell is currentl...
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